Iím E.D. Wallace, and I write superhero fiction because I collected comics as a child and wish I was a superhero. Seriously, my one wish is to have the powers of Superman. Not world peace, not the eradication of poverty, not health, wealth, and happiness for my friends and family, but to have the powers of Superman. Probably best not to explore the psychology behind that.

Other things you might want to know about me are:

(1) Iím a guy (according to my picture) (2) I own a wife and child. (3) E.D. Wallace is a pen name with a story behind it. When Iím famous it'll be a quirky anecdote at all the dinner soirťes I attend, in mansions, where Iím the guest of honour. (4) I have a long and convoluted career history including such roles as carpenter, copywriter, marketing guru (self proclaimed), big shot businessman (hmm), philosopher (bum), poet (bum), day trader (bum with cash) and amateur psychologist (bum, again). There are more, but theyíre not particularly interesting. My current job is novelist (bum with a dream). (5) I like to write about things I know about and talk about things I know nothing about. (6) I like lists.

You know how I like lists? Hereís a list of whatís most important to me when it comes to writing:

(1) Write awesome stories (top priority). (2) Have people read my awesome stories. (3) Have people love my awesome stories. (4) Have people tell other people about my awesome stories. (5) Have people buy my awesome stories (imagine that, getting paid for having awesome thoughts)!

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